How do I delete obsolete files?

How can I clean up the UserName > Library > Application Support > GarageSale > AuctionImages folder?
I’ve hundreds of MB of old and redundant photos going back very many years that are no longer required. They number well over 1,000 and I’m not prepared to delete them all one by one.
In a similar manner, I also have hundreds of redundant .webarchive files in the neighbouring AuctionWebArchives folder that I’d like to delete and .date files in the ImageInformations folder.
Also, do I really need to keep GarageSale_prior6.6.1.sqlite, GarageSale_prior6.7.1.sqlite, GarageSale_prior6.8.sqlite and GarageSale_prior6.9b2.sqlite as well as GarageSale.sqlite?
I’m trying to de-clutter and free-up space by deleting old and obsolete files & folders.

GS 6.9.7 (625)

Try pressing “Command and the comma” button at the same time to check your garagesale preferences on when to delete images and ended listings. It could be set to never… Not sure if that helps or not. Maybe someone else will get back to you!

Concerning your auction images, I suggest you upgrade to GarageSale 7 (currently in beta testing) at some point in the future. It has more sophisticated tracking for image usage that will prevent orphaned images. After you have successfully upgraded to GS7, you can delete the whole GarageSale 6 folder.

GarageSale has a feature that creates archives of finished auctions when viewed. Once eBay decides to delete your listing, GarageSale still has a snapshot of how the listing looked when finished. It’s save to delete all the .webarchive files if you don’t need these snapshots for reference.

Please don’t touch these. GarageSale uses these files to keep track when it uploaded an image file to a specific server.

You can delete all the files that contain _prior in their name and end with .sqlite, but only these. These are just backup files GarageSale creates when upgrading your database to a new database schema that comes with a new version of GarageSale.