How do I erase only specific listings from the Deleted Listings?

I accidentally clicked the “Duplicate” button on one of the smart groups, which resulted in all listings in this group to be duplicated as well. Then I deleted the group. Now the problem that the deleted duplicated listing pops up in my other groups because GS does not have any way to identify which listings are deleted already. I want to erase these duplicate listings from my Deleted Listings, but I only see an option to erase everything! How do I do it? Can I go to the container folder and manually delete them? It also brings back my old question about adding a property for smart folder to differentiate deleted listings from existing ones.

How about putting all “deleted” listings - the ones you don’t want to erase - into a newly created group (maybe call that group “delete later”). Then you only have the deleted listings left over in the trash bin that you actually want to erase.

That’s probably would work. The problem is that I only need to delete like 10 out of few 100s :slight_smile:. But still, it’s a workaround, having something like “Delete Immediately…” option on right click just like macOS has for Trash Bin would be a much better solution.

I tried this with a few listings. Move the ones you want to keep out of the trash into a temporary folder and empty the trash to remove the ones you want to be rid of. Move the ones in the temporary file back into the trash and the ones you want gone are gone.

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Thank you, I’ll use this method for now. But I hope GS will implement selective erase in the future :).

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