How do I insert my business logo into the Pro Design Options of the Pro Design: Side Bar Store template?

Hello! I’m new to the group and have a few quick questions.

First off I’m using OSX 10.11.12 with GarageSale 6.9.7 and I’m using the GarageSale template called Pro Design: Side Bar Store.
I’m attempting to place my business logo (a jpeg image) at the top of my GarageSale listing utilizing the options under Inspector/Properties/Pro Design Options/Store Logo/Store Logo Field/Store Logo URL and have been unsuccessful. Can you explain how I can accomplish this?
I have also tried to simply put my business name in text under the Store Name section but have been unsuccessful.

Secondly, GarageSale used to be on eBay’s approved 3rd Party Seller Listing Tools web page but has been removed. Can you explain why it was removed? Is GarageSale no longer an eBay approved 3rd Party Listing Tool application?

Thank you for your help.

Hi jmk,

to make your jpg appear you first have to upload it to your webspace (make it available only). Next enter the URL into the “Store Logo URL:” field (and make sure that the “Show Store Logo Field” checkbox is selected, too).

There’s no way to do this manually but as long as you have selected a store category in the “Advanced” Inspector, your store name should be displayed automatically.

More help regarding Pro Designs:

Regards, Kristian

It seems eBay rolled out an updated version of that page early this year, we’ve been on earlier versions of that page for years.

GarageSale are still an approved tool, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to communicate with eBay at all. We’ve always been the only non-US company on that list, so maybe that’s the reason we aren’t included anymore.