How do I set up, edit or use shipping tables?

I am just brand new to Garage Sale, I am switching over from Six Bit. I sell Antiques which are all different sizes but I generally have about 15 different presets I use each has a different price for U.S., Canada and the rest of the world. i.e one Preset I use is $14.99 for U.S. $12.99 for Canada and $22.99 for the rest of the world. How do I set up tables or presets where I can just select one of the 15 or so presets I use, SixBit has a table for it in the selling page but I don’t see anything like that here. Many Thanks, Joanie :o)

GarageSale does not support it’s own shipping profiles, but it support shipping profiles created on the eBay website.

On the eBay website, there’s is a section business policies/shipping, which lets you create different predefined shipping scenarios. In the shipping panel inside GarageSale, you can pick any of these.

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Can you provide a link to that page on eBay, I have searched and I can not find anything. Thanks.

Maybe this introductory post from eBay will get you started:

There is no Business Policies Tab on my account…I have looked for shipping tables on eBay and the only page I can find is this…

what am I doing wrong ??

The business policies should be available from MyEbay > Account Tab > Business Policies. I attached a screenshot for you: