How do I use my first advert as the basis for future adverts? Help please

I have just successfully made a Garagesale advert for eBay. I have uploaded it to eBay so it is now live.
I have used a design, then custom colours, fonts, layout, etc.
I want to use this advert as the basis for future adverts.
What is the best way to proceed please?

There are several options:

  1. You can always use the “Duplicate” command on this original listing and make modification to fit the article you want to sell

  2. You could also use your current listing as “master listing”, so it every time you create a new listing, all the current information is already there. To do so, go to Preferences > eBay and enable the “Copy all settings from” checkbox at the bottom, then drag your current listing into the designated area.

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