How do we talk to actual people at iwascoding for help?

How do we talk to actual people, on a phone at iwascoding for help?


we don’t have phone support but we offer free mail support and try to answer requests as soon as possible.

Regards, Kristian

You won’t trust me but 2 different Italian sellers already called me in the past months to ask info for GS use (found my phone in my ebay business profile, I did not know them at all…).

it makes the difference…

Sorry for hijacking :grin: and have a nice day

The email support is incredibly slow, can I get a live chat?

Do you have ticket id of a support case that was answered to slow on our part?

of all the hundreds of programs I have ever bought, GS has the most outstanding support…
(being the other side of the world from civilisation, I get used to the time delay…)
(paid more than GS for one program, and got really email abused when it did not work or kept crashing… when I asked for support)
so to Ija and Kristian, thanks and greatly appreciated support, even though I chide and pick…


Thank you, Sandy :heart_eyes:

It’s not ‘outstanding support’ if you cannot speak to someone directly. I have a complex problem and need to fix it with complicated chat. Is there a live chat?

No. but it too hours to answer this enquiry. Is there a live chat option or can I speak to someone on the phone?

I repeat my questions above, (I’ve changed my user name) How do I chat with someone with regards to fixing multiple problems in Garagesale?

Hi - FYI - I have changed my suer name to ConorEP

And the hours slip away… This is terrible support.

What is your support request actually?

I want to speak to someone about various issues within Garagesale. Speak. to someone, ask multiple questions, establish best practice foe working around faults within the software etc etc

No reply. Terrible support.

Sorry, we don’t provide free one-to-one phone support. It’s just not ecominally feasible for a software selling at $40 flat.

We do provide free e-mail support, tutorial videos, an online manual and this forum for you to ask questions and and connect with other users.

If one-to-one support is deal breaker for you, I suggest you like somewhere else.

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