How does Garage Sale Associate Auctions with Templates?

I always restart my ended auctions using Ebay’s Selling Manager Pro. Often I make quick changes to the auctions as well, like converting from auction to fixed price, changing the price, sometimes modifying the description (which requires editing the description using Selling Manager Pro’s html editor).

However, some (5%) of the auction templates in Garage Sale remain red after the auction is restarted, others turn blue, none remain yellow. I assume that I made a change to the auction that made Garage Sale unable to recognize it. How does Garage Sale recognize an auction as one it created?

I’ve tried Import from My Ebay to make sure all the running auctions are sync’d, but it does not help.

Is there a way to manually tell Garage Sale to associate a given auction with a specific template, so that I can update it using Garage Sale when Garage Sale no longer recognizes it?

Is there an advantage to resisting through SELLING MANAGER PRO? I just realist through GarageSale after making my changes. Here’s some info for re-linking auctions

This will link template to auction, but I don’t think it will transfer the changes you made on Ebay to the template.


Hi swtools,

the section “Linking Auctions with Auction Templates” in the GarageSale manual might help:

However, it’s recommended that you resist/restart/revise listings (started with GarageSale) from within GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian and Pete. That looks like it will work, I will try it and find out.

The advantage of Selling Mgr. Pro to maintain running auctions is that it has a spreadsheet format, and I can modify many auctions at once, sometimes with a single command. I like Garage Sale for creating auctions offline on my Mac, but I don’t find that it lets me manage running auctions easily. e.g. if I want to add free shipping to a group of auctions, I have to edit them individually in Garage Sale, then apply to running. In SMP I select them all and make a single change then submit.

Hi swtools,

by the way, GarageSale supports batch editing, too.

Regards, Kristian