How does inserting videos work?

eBay seem to allow videos in listings when they’re sourced from approved sites.
So I clicked in my listing in GS (in editor mode) and used GS>Listing>Edit videos.
After allowing GS to access Vimeo I can see my Vimeo videos in a GS window, and can select a video and click OK. I would expect some html code to be added to the GS listing to embed the video, but nothing happens.
Do I need to do something else?
Thanks in advance,

The video is supposed to be visible at the bottom of GarageSale’s preview. Nothing showing up there?

No, unfortunately.
How should it work eg is an iframe inserted?

Due to eBay’s listing policies you can’t use the code provided by YouTube or Vimeo.
What you can do is to insert a link to the video or use this online tool to create video code that you can insert in your listing (in GarageSale’s Editor mode):
It only supports YouTube, it seems.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian! I’ll try that.
Earlier I did an iframe with Vimeo but eBay threw an error on that.

It worked Kristian! It seems the tool doesn’t generate iFrames and with a Youtube video eBay didn’t throw an error.
Thanks very much, absolutely wonderful.

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