How many are successfully syncing between Macs? Ver 8.X

I’m curious how many of you using Garage Sale 8.x are successfully and regularly syncing between computers. I just upgraded several days ago from 7.x because I really wanted this feature but have been having nothing but problems with it.

I am running two Mac, One is iMac OS X version 10.13 (High Sierra) and the other is a MacBook Pro OS X also on version 10.13. The install and import of the 7.x database seemed to go ok on the desktop. I then enabled the GS Pro feature and attempted an upload sync to the sync server and it appeared to go fine. (About 700-900 listings, I don’t recall.)

I then installed 8.X on my laptop with an empty database and then enabled the sync on both devices. At first everything appeared to work fine. After about a half-hour both devices had the same listings/templates and settings. Occasionally while working the sync process would show records that had to be reconciled and I had to choose which version of the record was correct, either the one in the cloud or the one on whichever computer the record was coming from. The records seemed arbitrary. Why if it was syncing say 10 newly created auctions with the sync server would it only pick one record that had a problem? Not sure if this makes sense, it’s confusing.

A couple hours later I started getting sychronizing errors and the laptop would no longer download from the sync server. Then when I tried to force a sync from the app menu I get the error saying “An error occurred when trying to upload data…” and it would not upload from the laptop. At that point, synchronizing completely halted and I had to manually export all the work I did on my laptop and manually import the listings into the desktop copy of Garage Sale. - I then just disabled syncing on both devices because there are some issues that are causing data within my listings to revert back to original settings like my default shipping and weight settings.

I’m just curious how many of those who come to this forum are actually using the sync function successfully because I have tried methodically to troubleshoot this with my limited understanding of how the sync process works and it’s not working.

Anyone else having issues or is it just me?

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