How many items can GarageSale 7 handle?

Any limitations in terms of how many items I can list with GarageSale? I have about 5000 items need to list. Would it crash the app?

No limits at all, just speed is its limit…

Got it! Thank you for the reply back.

I currently have 3300 items listed and pulled in, I do notice some sluggish every so often, but it’s generally when manipulating photos, and only occasionally.

It depends on your mac. Actually about 2100 running and about 2000 expired, it is slow, but now I am use to it… I will do a gift myself for Christmas :slight_smile:

You simply need more CPU to handle those 3300.
Once I get to numbers like yours with 12 high def photos on each listing I will need a UberMac to handle the load :frowning:


@vintagecrave I don’t think it is (only) a CPU problem, if you check activity manager in utility (I don’t know its name in english) GS takes a very little % of CPU. It depends primarily on your mac age and so on its performances, in my opinion…

Yea, it’s not a CPU or Memory issue, looks like the process is healthy, but a lot of thrashing on the data or db work from what I can tell. Probably just something with how the database/data is handled when you start dumping larger amounts of data into it. It’s also constantly banging against the ebay api for updates, so that could be it too.

Sorry when I said CPU I meant to say the whole package (cpu, ram, storage, better hardware in general).

The tool eating most of your Memory is usually the “Kernel Task”.

There was a problem with CPU some months ago (still beta versions) but when I noticed it took about 2 GB of CPU (for only some hundreds of listings) it was fixed and now it is no longer a problem (with 10 times that number of listings GS never takes more than 1 GB, rarely more than 500 MB).
I suppose (but I am not a programmer at all) that is as @Lab234 says, a sort of long database process… maybe it is not the case, but the slowest action is working with reports, it “scans” transaction per transaction and it takes a while…

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