How to add a checkbox in description?

I am looking for a new way to describe items condition and save time from typing each time. I am looking for a sort of “checkbox” (if this is the correct name in English…) so I can only tick the correspondent condition between 5 possibilities. Something like this I mean (orange words are only as example):


Only one choice can be selected at a time.
Is there any possibility to do something like that in GS @ilja ? I really don’t know where to look for something like that. Maybe something can be done with html, but I am not able to…
I hope you could help me in order to find a solution, that would be very time saving for me!

Thank you

So this would be something that only you would see in GarageSale while composing your listing, but would not be uploaded to eBay?

Also, clicking one of the checkboxes would modify the condition of the selected listing, right?

Hello Ilja,
thanks for reply!

No, that would be part of the description so I need it uploaded to eBay. What I have in mind is a sort of checkbox that I can check instead of typing each time the condition description.

Mmmh I am not sure I got correctly this, I mean a field like this one (in filemaker) to put into the description so that buyers will see which one is checked: VIDEO .

Do you think it is something possible?

Thanks again!


I’m confused…

Do you want something to help you compose GarageSale eBay descriptions??? Like the Text Snippets??? You can already make several different Text Snippets for the different descriptions, then just choose one to fill in the description text block.

Or do you want something that shows up in the eBay listing that customers can choose/change to order different items???


Hi Neal,
that’s quite complicate to explain, sorry…


Neither. I will try to do another example to explain.

My actual description is quite basic and looks like this:


Any time I have to delete condition and write it again, for any specific item. This is very time consuming. This is why I am looking for a faster solution. A multiple choice checkbox in which I put a X over the correspondent condition, so I don’t have to type it every time. But this is not as a text snippets, there you can only paste an exact word. I am looking for a checkbox in which I can choose every time a “condition grade” into a scale from 1 (very low condition) to 5 (as new). So I am trying to do a description like this:


This would save time from describing item condition each time. I can only mark/tick/put a X over a condition grade.
I am not looking for an identical table. I am just trying to do a table or any type of checkbox in GS description… this is my problem.

I hope this is better explained now. Let me know.

Thank you again

Not as full fledge as you probably want it to be, but the next beta version will bring the command ‘userPropertiesDictionary’ to the macro language, which should enable something like this, using user attributes:

Once you press control+option in Preview, it gets evaluated to:

Hope you get the idea.

If you role your own design, you could even make the ‘myGrade’ property have it’s own popup in the design properties section in the inspector.

Uhm Ilja, I am not sure I correctly understand this feature. What is userPropertiesDictionary? How can I choose the correct grade? Can I tick one or do I have to put that code into description? Moreover, what will change with my design in next beta? I use Pro: Urban with code into the footer. Please don’t tell me I have to planning revising 10000 active listings during august :sweat_smile: I hope this won’t be a major design change. Is it?

Thanks again for help

Its a new macro command that gives you access to whatever you entered in the user properties inspector from the description field.

By entering it in the user properties inspector. Have you looked at my screenshots at full resolution, especially the first one?

For each grade that you are going to offer, you need to put the description for that grade in the in appropriate if/elsif branch as shown on my first screenshot.

Nothing will change. Also, I never said that anything design related will change.

Very interesting, I will try it as soon as next beta is out…

AH! No, I didn’t notice that clicking on photo it showed a larger version that included the right side!! Now everything is clear…

I will need to try if this if/elseif can do what I have in mind. I will let you know if I can solve my doubt of this thread…

Misunderstood this one, august and long time without break are bringing me mad :sleepy:

Thanks as always for your help Ilja! I will try this new feature and let you know if this is a solution for my problem.


After looking it up in the manual, it turns out that there’s already item.userProps.property_title implemented, so in our example that would be item.userProps.myGrade. No need to wait for the next beta version.

Mmmmhh I have to investigate this, I am not very use to this matter. Anyway, just to let you know that the “?” question mark icon under “user properties” does not work (it brings in a wrong manual page).

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