How to add a handling fee to flat-rate USA shipping?

Hi, is there any way to do this in GarageSale?
It seems that I can only add a handling fee with calculated shipping.
But I don’t want to use calculated shipping.

I don’t understand why GS won’t let me do this. Unless I’m doing something wrong.

GarageSale developers: can you please add the option of charging a handling fee on top of flat rate shipping? Isn’t that the point of the handling fee?

thanks in advance for any help with this,

Hi Josh,

are you sure that eBay still supports the handling fee option for flat rate shipping (if you use the web form)? I thought it’s not/no longer supported.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian, thanks for your response… I have no idea what eBay restrictions might apply. But if a handling fee is acceptable with calculated shipping, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be acceptable with flat-rate shipping?

Unfortunately, GS doesn’t give me that option, because the window (for dollar amount) to the right of “Handling Costs” is grayed out and not clickable unless calculated shipping is selected.

Here’s a bit more detail on my issue:
I sell vinyl records, and I simply want to charge $4 for media mail PLUS a $1 handling fee — eBay has a (stupid and unreasonable) $4 cap on domestic shipping in the records category, so I can’t just charge $5 outright.

If GS can’t enable a handling fee for flat-rate shipping, is there some way to use calculated shipping + handling to ensure that my shipping price is exactly $5 for all USA customers?

I know there are other GS users out there selling records. Can anyone else weigh in?


Hi Josh - I think that MEDIA anywhere in the US is 3.17 for 13 x 13 x 1 at 1 pound 15 ounces (what I use for calculated for LPs), then EBAY adds .23 cents for tracking, making the postage 3.40, so add on to get it where you want it to be. I usually just add a buck for a mailer, people can get pissy when they are used to paying $4.00 and clobber your feedback. I have a master LP template that I dupe and enter all the info in, so my shipping is already done. Just my 2 cents!
Pete in Forest Hills

hey Pete, thanks for the info! that’s really helpful.
I guess I’ll go with that if there’s no easier way around it.

But Kristian (or other GS support), can you please respond to my last post when you have a chance? I still don’t see why I can’t just add a handling fee to a flat shipping rate.


I can answer that too - in the category RECORDS (also BOOKS) if you specify Flat Rate shipping, EBAY will only allow a max of $4.00 shipping, and the only way around that is calculated shipping, and that is both through GS AND listing directly through the EBAY site. I was stymied by that for a while as I was always losing money on packaging, and especially with books, size and weight vary a lot.

And I think in general, when shipping is FLAT, you set the cost, so you would mark it as your total cost, as opposed to postage PLUS handling (EBAY figuring you already did that math), whereas calculated is (YOUR SHIPPING INFO x DESTINATION) + HANDLING, or something like that. Calculated can be a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it works to your advantage, and if you have good records that you don’t want to go media, you can go right around any restrictions.

Hi salvagesound,

GarageSale can only support options which are available on eBay as well. So if eBay does not offer “handling fees” for flat rate shipping then GarageSale can’t support it.
That’s why I was asking if you are sure that eBay still supports the handling fee option for flat rate shipping.

Regards, Kristian

hey Pete/flypogger, sorry for the delayed reply but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the info above!!! I finally got it sorted out, entirely because of your help. This has been seriously f#cking me up for years now. So psyched to have a workaround. Huge help, thanks man!