How to add buyer to contact list like was in version 6?

Hi all. I can’t find in Garage Sale 7 menu how to add buyer adres to Mac OS contact list like it was in version 6. Does it possible do it in version 7? Thank’s.

I think it is no more available…

Sorry, that feature is not included. We thought nobody would be using it, because nobody wants to include all his eBay buyer in his personal address book.

Can you please let us know what you use case for this feature would be?

But how to print shipping labels in version 7? In version 6 i adding buyers adreses in mac os contacts in group buyers. Then i opened special program for labels printing and print all needed shipping adreses from mac os contacts. After printing i delete buyers from mac os contacts. Thats all. Now i need manually copy-paste shipping adress for each contact and i can print only one contact in one time, because my label program can print all adreses together only from mac os contacts. And why in version 7 i can’t together mark for copy in clipboard name and delivery adress?

Could you please return this function back in next revise.

We’ll add this soon, but most likely not in the very next version as their are other issues to need our attention, too.

Thank you. I will wait this function back.


I noticed this issue too. I use a Brother label printer and I have a pre-made model in which I past name and address. In my opinion it would be useful copy and paste name-surname + address together… and I suppose also faster then saving in contact, printing and then deleting the contact… but it depends on your printer I suppose …

Thank you IWASCODIND TEAM! You return “contact import” function back. And you did it very fast. This menu option was very important for me.

Best regards.

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where is it??? I know it must be my fault but I cant’ find it :persevere:

But before you need to update Garage sale to vession 7.0.3 (775)

Ah thank you!! I expected a sort of button somewhere as it was in GS 6!

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