How to add one same photo to more listings at once

I need to add one photo to more listings. Is there any trick to do it without selecting listings one by one and dragging photo into image field? A sort of “bulk upload” to a group of selected listings would save me so much time. Since this photo must be the last one of 4 images, I cannot create a master listing with the image inside and duplicate it. This way, every time I add the other 3 photos (which are different in all listings), I need to manually change the order of the photo from first position to last one, which would me more time consuming. Anyone has an idea on how to do it?
Thanks for any tip.

Merry Christams to all

In Editor Mode copy the image (cmd-c), then switch to your other listings, click into the image field and paste (cmd-v) the image there.

Does this work for you?

Hi @kristian , thanks for your help. Yes, this works and might be a solution. Is there any other way to do a cmd-v command in order to avoid doing it one listing by one?

Merry Christmas

With the image already being on your clipboard, you can select any number of listings and press cmd-v. All selected listings will get the additional image.

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Absolutely stunning @ilja !

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