How to amend variation quantities

Hi All - hope someone can help.

I run some large variation listings which have up to 200 different items variations - which are very popular listings.

The range is expanding and I add new variations to them on a frequent basis.

The issue I face is as follows:-

  • Before adding new variations - I first of all have to ensure that the quantities for the existing variations are in line with remaining stock; as when the listing is amended this drives the remaining quantities on Ebay. If I amend the stock levels in the inventory section this doesn’t seem to automatically feed through to the Variations section.
  • To keep the stock levels correct I am having to manually look at all my remaining quantities on Ebay (for up to 200 variations) and then amend the quantities in the variations section; which is incredibly time consuming - If I wasn’t adding new variations then this wouldn’t be a problem

Has anyone found a way around this?

Is there a way to automatically update from Ebay first and then add the new variations and re-download to Ebay?



How about an “Apply Remaining Quantities” button, that copies the number of remaining stock to the available quantity field?

Having clicked such a button, you could change the quantity to whatever you have one hand at the moment before you do a “Revise”?

Would that help?

Hi Ilja - I think that would work; Thanks for looking into it :grinning:

Would the remaining quantities be picked up from Ebay or from the variations? If it was Ebay that would be perfect; but I am sure I can work around it if its variations - I would just need to remember to correct the stock levels in variations when I first use it!


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