How to automatically delete ended listing?

I have a question for you, maybe it is just my fault I did not find the field to mark.
Is it possible to set GS so that ended listing are automatically deleted after some time? If yes, how? If I set all my listing as 30-days with automatic relisting I would have thousands ended listing every month… do they move automatically to the trash?
I hope you could help me :slight_smile:

Thank you as always

Sorry, there is no such setting in GarageSale 7.

We had a preference to automatically delete ended auctions in GarageSale 6, but we had some trouble with it.

Users enabled it, forgot about and insisted GarageSale would delete their data. That’s why we didn’t include this setting in GarageSale 7. If we get more requests like yours, the feature might be worth to be reconsidered.

Mmmh I had in mind it was on GS 6… so, @ilja I have a question. Try to imagine 1000 30-days-listings with automatic relisting, do I have 1000 ended listing every month if GS does not delete ended? Or do they automatically move to trash? I hope you could clarify me this…

@ilja I take the opportunity to ask you another thing concerning automatic relisting. Is it normal that I cannot start a listing if I mark that field???

How about us adding an option “Move ended listing to Trash” to the “Auto Relist” section. Would this work?

It could be a very nice idea! In my opinion you should try to find the way to move automatically ended listings to trash (as you said) and leave the new one in the same place, so it will solve also the problem we talked about in the other discussion (since GS does not take memory of output folder, I suppose that automatic relist would move all 1000 listings to the same folder, the last one I selected… @ilja what do you think?).

Thank you!!!

And what about this? Is it a problem or is it normal?

I found that you have to mark it after the listing is active, not before.

Is that what you were asking? I wasn’t sure.

Ah, so I first start the listing and then mark the automatic relist field? Strange… yes, I noticed this issue, if I tried to start a listing with relisting field marked it unmarked and then started…

We’ll look into this. That’s probably just a warning left-over from the GS6 conversion.

@ilja nono, that’s not only a warning. I mark the field, I click to start, warning appears and when I click on OK it unmarks the field…

I like this idea, but if an ended listing is moved to the trash, I would not want the old data completely deleted. Our GS6 got really slow last year, so we cleared out 10,000+ ended listings to speed things back up. What we later discovered was that the history data disappeared as well. Even though we had an active relisting of the item, the history of dates of previous times it had been listed was removed. While it may seem trivial, this information is helpful to have access to when deciding to discount an item or not based on for how long it has been on eBay.

Before starting to move from GTC to 30-days listings I would like to understand clearly and completely how this function works, to be honest I have never found it very clear:

  1. first, if I correctly understand, did you already fix the problem that prevent starting listing if “automatic resisting” field was marked?

  2. when a 30-days listing with “automatic relisting” field marked ends:

  • does it double into one grey (ended) and one blue (relisted)?
  • if it doubles, does the ended listing go automatically into trash?

and the new active listing

  • does it stay in the same folder or does it move to another one (I suppose the last I selected since launch control does not keep memory of output folder)?
  1. if “ignore inventory quantity” mark is unmarked
  • does it realist only if a listing is ended without offers/sell?
  • doesn’t it relist if the listing went sold?

I think these info could be useful for all since they are quite important for a correct (and helpful) use of this important feature. I hope to hear soon from you about these.

Thank you as always :slight_smile:

Yes, that was fixed in 7.03.

Yes, but it would also happen if the item sold (solid green instead of grey).

Not yet, that’s why I proposed an extra checkbox along the lines of “Move ended listing to trash after relist”.

It would stay wherever the original, ended listings was - even if the original would be moved to the trash (one we have the option implemented).

This option only has an effect if you are using the inventory features in GarageSale. By default, GarageSale only relist if there’s enough quantity left in the inventory item linked to your listing. If you check the box, GarageSale will always relist regardless if how much inventory you have left for the listing’s SKU.

From what I read between the lines, you want an automatic relist only when you item sells successfully, correct?

:top: @ilja thank you so much for this clear explanation! Now it is more clear. So…

Fine, thanks!

So I think it would be really really useful this option! Maybe you should give the possibility to choose if moving or not moving automatically to trash (like a field to mark/unmark, but not every time, just one…) so people like @Chase would not have trouble. This is my opinion :slight_smile:

This is much important! I was worried that automatic relist could send new listing to other folder different from the previous. Very very important this…

Oh no no! This was my principal pain :sweat: I am worried GS could relist those items that went sold successfully! Each item is unique and I would have many many troubles if I did not notice this and then sold again (like someone said in another discussion, I do not remember who and where). In my opinion it makes sense that GS relists only those items not sold (so unsuccessfully ended).

We’ve had numerous times where GS 6 tried to relist an item that had sold. Because of this we disabled the Automatic Relist feature on all 1100+ listings. 99% of our items are unique and therefore we rarely ever use the inventory feature at all.

Hello @Chase , this is my same problem, I am a bit worried about it. I hope now this issue is fixed and with “ignore inventory” field unmarked GS does not relist sold items… I hope, at least…

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