How to back up all Garagesale form a MAC

Hi I’ve seen that there is only one topic opened in 2016 so I wanted to ask aside from using time machine how can I back up all Gragesale Pro content to my new Mac. I could not find the folder Library inside users anymore.
Thanks in advance for the help.

What version of GarageSale do you use?
(The latest version is GarageSale 9.)

(I guess you question is how to move your GarageSale data from your old to your new Mac).

Most likely the Library folder is hidden from your account’s home directory. There is a “View Options” command in the Finder menu to make it visible (your account’s home window must be frontmost to see the corresponding checkbox).

Once you got into the Library folder, go to Containers. There might be several folders called GarageSale there, the “Get Info” command tells you which one belongs to which version of GarageSale. If in doubt, just copy all to the same location on your new Mac.

PS. Using Apple’s migration assistant is the easiest way to copy all the data and accounts to your new Mac, so if that’s still an option for you, I’d choose that route, because it also copies Preferences and account passwords stored in your Keychain.


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