How to clean out GS Policies

In GS I have a ton of policies in all three categories, returns, shipping & payment that are old and under profiles that no longer exist. In inspector when clicking the … I get a bunch of policies under Unknown Account Headings and need to scroll forever to get to my current account policies. I noticed that this data is stored in a file called, how do I clean this out so that only my current profiles policies are shown? I have already scrolled to the bottom of each list and selected update profiles along with refreshing my access token without any luck.

Here is something that might work:

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Move the to the desktop
  3. Restart GarageSale and what a few seconds for it to update profile data from ebay

At least the profiles from “Unknown Accounts” should be gone now. You can remove profiles for current accounts on the My eBay website.

Worked like a charm. Thanks

Can you tell me where the is located? I’ve run a search for it in finder and it isn’t coming up with anything. Thanks.

I think you need to go to the eBay website and delete unused policies there.

There’s no interface for editing these policies in GarageSale (yet).

Just go here for :

@ilja Hi! Why don’t you add somewhere visible (in the forum) the direct link?

Hi there

My eBay account is not a business account, it is a private seller one.


If I recall correctly, business policies also work for private eBay accounts. Otherwise you wouldn’t see them in GarageSale, wouldn’t you?

Yes correct, you can opt in also as private.