How to copy Auction price to Buy It Now price

Not sure if this feature is available, if it is i would like to know how to easily copy the starting auction price to the buy it now price for multiple listings. This would be super handy when converting ended listings from 30 day Buy It Now to 7 day or 10 day Auctions. Especially if all of your items have different prices. I know there is the option to copy listing components and that works like magic if all of the items are the same price.

If this is not available, it should be. Would save hours of time.

Here is an Apple Script that does that for all selected listing. Just copy into a new window in the ScriptEditor application (under /Applications/Utilities) and hit run:

tell application "GarageSale"
repeat with theListing in (get selected ebay listings)
	tell theListing
		set use starting bid to false
		set use buy it now to true
		set buy it now price to starting bid price
	end tell
end repeat
end tell

That works amazingly well ! Thank you !!

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