How to create a listing design template in V7?


I’m trying to create a listing design so that I can apply it to imported eBay listings.

I hope to have one design “template” to apply to all listings. I don’t want any description or specifics or to assign a category, I just want the template listing design (actually a pro design) to be saved so that I can revise listings in bulk and simply apply the design.

I can do it at the moment by selecting all listings and revising them with a design that I create now. The problem is when, say next week I have 100 more listings, I need to re-create that design again from scratch.

In a nutshell, can I create and save a listing design?

Many thanks

Hi Nikki,

if you’re very familiar with HTML you can create your own design template, yes:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian for the speedy response. Is that the only solution?

I am not looking to create my own design, I use one of the pro designs which I edit with colours and text boxes. I just want to save a design to use in the same way that I can save a listing template.

So if I have 100 listings created and imported from eBay, I can select all to revise and choose my desired design to be applied to all.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Nikki,

now I got it :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to one of the Pro Designs integrated in GarageSale (not from the Design Store) you can modify it by using the Design Utility (see the link in my first answer).

Regards, Kristian

Thanks but nope, that’s not it!

I use the Pro: Header Design and I add custom text to the custom info boxes.

If I were to create my listings in GS, I could create a listing to use as a template and the design would look as I want each time. But if I select several imported listings, I need to recreate the pro:header design to my specifications each time because I cannot see how save a design as a template, I can only save a listing as a template.

I want to know if I can save my custom/ modified pro: header design to apply via revise listings (It is only modified in that custom text has been added)

I may make a quick screencast video to better show you as I fear I am not explaining it very well!

You have to make your changes in the existing design using the Design Utility as mentioned in my previous mail. In the Design Utility you can insert your own text for the info boxes, too.

Here’s a short How to:

  1. Quit GarageSale.
  2. Open the Design Utility, select the desired design.
  3. Click on the Duplicate button.
  4. In the “General” tab insert your own design identifier.
  5. Go to the “Properties” section.
  6. Make your desired adjustments, e.g. insert your own text for the info boxes.
  7. Click on Save. Start GarageSale and select your newly created design in the Design browser.
  8. Open the Properties Inspector and click on the Reset icon (top right) to make sure you use the default settings.

Hope this helps,

amazing thank you! I couldn’t initially figure out how using design utility could help but your “short how-to” made all the difference!

Many thanks for your patience