How to create smart group with old unsold listing

Hi everyone. I’m trying to create a smart group that would show all listings that were created X number days ago, i.e. I want to see which listings are not selling. Ontop of this I want to filter by number of watchers and number of views in the last 30 days. All this information is available on eBay site but none of it is available as filter values in smart group in if GS. Is there a way to do it or does GS just not support this level of integration with eBay? Thanks!

I think this will do what you are asking. I use it to watch 0 views and 0 watchers

Ah, yes, I missed “Number of Watchers” and “Number of Views”. But without “Start Date” or even better “Running for Days” values available in the smart group filtering options, I can’t work out the group I want. Sorting by end date does not really work. And I don’t understand why such values are not present, they are available in eBay UI and via API. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Because there are no replies from GS support, I guess this means that they really do not support “start date” or “days from start” filtering values. Unfortunately. This is a really simple thing, data is already provided by eBay, and I don’t get it why it’s not supported.

I think you can get what you are asking for by using “days remaining” and check the box descending or not descending.

Thank you for the suggestion, but it does not work for fixed price listing because they are restarting every 30 days resetting this value. I want to see listing that were hanging around for 100 days still there were started. This data is known to GS, I can see it in each listing property in GS, I don’t understand why GS does not expose it in this smart group filtering options.

I use this very simple smart group and watch the starting date and if they get too old I restart them. I usually restart at 90 days unless they have tons of watchers and are getting good monthly views

I do sort of the same, but you can do it on eBay as well, just sort by start date. And then you have to go item-by-item to find old listing. The whole idea of having smart groups is that you create a group that automatically select the items you want (i.e. old running listings without watchers) and do one-click restart. Still, I did not hear from the devs why such a simple thing like number of days a listing is running is not available in smart groups filter values.

Here is another hint. Do a START not a RESTART, I just ran a sample of 60 RESTARTS and got 1 watcher and 6 views in 24 hours. I ended the 60 and did a START and got 20 watchers and 35 views. Ebay does searches prioritizing starts over restarts 20 to one by my test run. The number of days in the smart group would be a nice addition and perhaps with enough interest they will add it. This gives me a zero watchers list that I pick from every 30 days for an END and START. Did you know that ebay has started dumping views every month so it is a constantly changing number. Watchers seem to keep building up but the views go down every 30 days

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Yes, that’s the whole idea - I want to create a smart group for listings sitting there for more than 60 days, end them all and start again in bulk. I don’t want to cancel every 30 days (good til’ cancelled) but want to let eBay roll them over at least once. For this I just need GS devs to add one simple value to smart groups - “Day Since Start”. GS already has the start date, so Day Since Start = today - start date in bare bones. I don’t understand why this value is not there, am I the only one who needs it? :slight_smile:

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