How to delete items ages old..?

while I was working away, I typed the wrong word into the search field, and found the screen shot below, for auctions several years old, (possibly over 10 years old?) that I had sold AND deleted at the time, and emptied the trash, then.

so how long does GS keep data.

I have tried deleting and hitting delete key, and even right click… nothing works to delete these…

they don’t show up in any of the normal listings or any of the folder I have created. searched every where, but are there when I do a search by name. (just wondering how many other auctions are hiding away.?)

Regards, Sandy


this may be because of a forgotten save (after a crash or similar). You can try the following:

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Open the Terminal app from the Utilities folder and enter the command
    defaults write com.iwascoding.garagesale importLostDataBaseItems 1
    followed by the return key.
  3. Open GarageSale. Now GarageSale imports all “lost” items into a group called “Lost & Found”

Please note that this only works in GarageSal 6, which is outdated and no longer supported.


Hi, gave this a try, by copy & paste into Terminal.
nothing happened…

it was worth a try.


Please make sure that you follow Paul’s instructions carefully, e.g. hitting the Return key on your keyboard after pasting in the command in Terminal.

Please give this command another try:
defaults write com.iwascoding.garagesale importLostDataBaseItems YES

Regards, Kristian

Hi, yes I had been hitting the “return Key”

however you one with the ‘yes’ on the end seem to have gotten rid of those “Photoshopuser” mag listing, as searchers for them now are empty…

so no new folder, but finally no old listings. so water every happened this time has the desired result…

thanks again. regards, Sandy