How to delete tag "finished" or "sold" but leave template for future?

In GS6 it was separately, and when I delete template tag I left free template for future.
But as i understood in GS7 it’s together, because if i want delete template with tag finished GS7 delete and template too.

Hi Timur,

in GarageSale 7 there’re only “listings”- not auction templates/auctions.

This is one of the big changes in GS 7. Each running listing on eBay has to correspond to an entry in the listing section of GarageSale.

More information about this change is in the manual:

If you are concerned over cluttering your listing section, you can use the ‘Move original listing to’-option at the bottom-left to the ‘Launch Control’ window.

Regards, Kristian

You could export your listing to a file using the “File > Export listings” command. Once you done that, you can delete the listing from GarageSale.

If you later decide the re-use the listing, just reimport it be double-clicking.

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