How to delete the same phrase in all listings?

almost my listings (not all but a huge part) have a phrase in description that I need to delete (it’s “(cliccare sulle immagini per ingrandirle - click on images to enlarge)”). Since due to the new intelligent ebay rules images are no more clickable, I have to delete this phrase from about 6000 listings. How can I do it avoiding doing one by one? Is there any trick I can use?
Any help would be very very welcomed!

Thank you

Unfortunately we still didn’t get to re-add bulk&search and replace to GarageSale 7.

If I recall correctly, a user posted an AppleScript for searching and replacing on this forum. Maybe this helps…

Mmmh that’s a problem. Yes I remember something like that too, but I would not know how to use it and I don’t know if it could fix my specific problem. I will do it one by one :sob:

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