How to exclude not paid items from reports?

first of all hi to everyone, I am a new user in this forum and I am writing from Italy, so please be patient with my language :innocent: .
I have been using Garagesale for some years and I always found it as one of the best tool to manage and list on eBay (I would say also the best…). I have very recently discovered the new release of Garagesale 7 and it is AMAZING, really marvelous the way you made the new screen, so useful and well done I cannot explain myself how I could use the past version (which was nice, but comparing with this less tidy and comfortable).
Don’t worry, I am not here for requiring you an italian version :sweat_smile: . In my opinion one of the best feature in your app is the possibility to create custom report (that I discovered only some months ago :astonished:…), also with SKU and many other useful option. However I cannot find the way to select ONLY PAID items. Since I am very meticulous with this sort of calculations, I think it would be essential creating report only for real sales (so excluding not paid items). Is it possible to do? Maybe it is only my fault that I did not find the way to exclude not paid items from weekly (or monthly) report…
I really hope someone could help me… and congrats again for your great work!

Best regards

Hi Federico,

Thank you for your kind feedback!
In the new “Orders” section you can mark a transaction as “refunded”.

Maybe this workaround does the trick for you.
Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
thank you for your reply! My doubt is a little bit different, I will try to explain it with better words (I hope…).
When a buyer purchases an item from my shop, he is not obligated to pay immediately and he can wait upon 30 days. Although I always hope that people pay in a decent time, I have to say that many buyers wait a lot before paying. So it is why I always have to export my monthly sales report although some items are not paid. Maybe they will pay next day, maybe they won’t pay at all… but I cannot know this while I export my monthly report. So I would export a sales report ONLY for that items that have been sold, paid and maybe also shipped. Marking them as “refunded” would not be so useful because the transaction could be paid the day after, and then I would have to unmark all those transaction I marked as refunded. So… I hope I expose to you my doubt in a better way… do you know any other option to exclude unpaid items?
Thank you again.

Best regards