How to. i can't add Utube vid to 6.9.7

Hi there, hope someone can help me with this. i am not that tech savvy so please spell out it in layman terms. step by step

i opened a Utube account , uploaded a short Vid, made the vid public.

i go to the the drop down menu Template, scroll to the bottom where it says edit Utube.

linked GarageSale to Utbe as per the prompts. and then a drop down box appears. it is displaying my Vid. i highlight /select it. I press, down the bottom the (activated Blue) OK button but nothing happens.

I have tried dragging the vid to the Drop Zone where the pics go but that doesn’t work either. sometimes it just wouldn’t drag but today i notice it will drag and when over the Drop Zone has a green plus mark. but still it doesn’t appear? just springs back to the drop down box?


does anyone have trouble inserting a Utube vid?

am i doing it correct and its just not working?

The YouTube panel is split into two parts. The upper part lists the videos available in your account, the lower part shows which of these videos are used in the selected listing. Double-clicking a video in the upper part should make it appear in the lower part. Have you tried that? Maybe you have to move the divider in the window to see both parts.

i think i tried that, but can’t remember 100%. i ended up embedding the code from tube (pressing share, then the embed button) into the the write script html page (editor mode) in garagsale, but that kept giving me error codes when i tried to upload. so then i found one tutorial tube vid by some one that said eBay doesn’t like Java script (which was one of the ebay errors) and you will get errors so they gave an example on how to change it to flash/shockwave.

i did that although the vid turned out small size even though i entered a larger size as they said you could do. that listing sold pretty quick (i think the VID helps :smile: )so i will try again next time but it appears eBay doesn’t accept java script. there were few other things that were quirky, didn’t show a accept offer above above or check box or decline below offer box or amount. garagesale said fees were $7 but it ended up being free from eBay