How to include Item condition description in description if it is a text block

I am trying to include the Item condition description into the description of the listing. However, Item condition includes a text block and using in editor [[item.conditionDescription]] returns the text block as plain text and not its content (also in preview). Is there any trick for it?
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Right now, that’s not possible. But it shouldn’t be too hard to add. I’ll have a look into it.

I’d like to suggest (maybe asking, here, too) that It would be nice if markdown text when it is used in an attribute or other field and inserted, gets rendered correctly (as HTML, in context).

Hi Ilja,
thanks for your response. This is extremely useful, please let me know if it will be included in the next release.
One of the biggest problem today with ebay is that item description is no more showed to users. Also description preview seems to be disappeared. If the item condition description is written into the description, it prevents from troubles from those users who don’t read description and then are surprised if an item is not in perfect condition. If the condition is not included in description, they can open a dispute as “item not as described” and get free return for the item (and I loose shipping cost twice). This plague is increasing a lot lately…

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If one of my items is not in good or better condition, I put it in the title. For example “Cracked, Rusty, Chipped, and so on”. Always in all Caps and in BOLD. I also use the “Mark-up” feature to put a red circle on the problem in case someone is buying by looking at only the photos. I also use the “Photos caption” feature to put the problem under each photo showing the issue. Anytime that someone says “not as described” I can point out these 3 features I added and the problem is solved. I don’t have to pay the free shipping for returns or loose the shipping twice. This has served me well so far once I point out these 3 things and the buyer usually goes away and doesn’t file the return and if they do file they are paying the return shipping.


adding it into the title means loosing many characters (and 80 is really low to add all tags).

What is this exactly? Do you add a red image over the photo?

The same did the description with me. This is why adding automatically the “item condition description” into the description would be very useful. This way, you don’t have to type every time.

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I agree, You have to ask yourself “will it come back?”. Why make a sale and pay shipping 2 ways if it will come back?
This is Markup=

“Markup” right click 5 down. NOTE: you have to be in editor mode or Markup doesn’t work.

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Super, this is very useful! I didn’t notice it since I do not use editor mode generally.

My main problem is that we list thousands listings at a time. It would be a nightmare to modify each postcard or photo scan. Anyway this bad habit of not reading description is becoming a big problem…

It is unfortunate to have to go to the editor mode but they haven’t fixed GS to make it work on the Preview side. I learned about Markup from the blog page about a year ago when it broke on the preview and it would be great to get it fixed. :wink:

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