How to integrate Endicia

When I click the ‘ship with Endicia’ option, a dialog pops up asking for my Endicia account number and ‘pass phrase’. After talking with Endicia, they said this ‘passphrase’ is setup by developers thru API and is not something on my account. We have been using Endicia for years and really need to integrate it with GS.

Please Help,

That’s the first time I heard of this.

Could you post a screenshot of that dialog asking you for the passphrase?

Do you use dazzle or labelserver

Garagesale says dazzle is outdated. The link you point to on your website ( is obsolete, per Endica tech support.


We added integration with the Endicia Mac client years back. Those guys should have told us, that’s no longer supported. Wondering what we are used to suppose instead? :thinking:

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