How to move active listings between 2 computers?

I need your help asap, I am using 2 macs running 2 different group of listings since synching is not yet ready. How can I move the active listing (so not importing a model, I mean moving the blue ones) I have on the first mac to the other without recreating them?
I hope you could help me…

Thank you

Can’t you use the export/import listings commands for that?

Regards, Kristian

@kristian but if I export an active listing from mac 1 and import it into mac 2, is it active on mac 2 or is it just a listing inactive that need to be listed (as I suppose)? I need to move blue listing I have on one computer to another one without restarting the listing…

Yes, the listing state should be reflected correctly.

Regards, Kristian

Ah very fine! I hope it does and not should :slight_smile:

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