How to relist an item

How to relist an item
Please provide clear, concise instructions on how to relist an item.
I changed 1 line of text and changed a photo, selected … > Relist Listing… > Relist with selected changes and selected eBay Images and Item Description.
I checked my new listing within eBay only to find that the images at the top of the page were there, but the ones lower down, within the description had only placeholder boxes.
I went back into GS and replaced all the photos using the photo selector, selecting Replace Image at the prompt and again selected … > Relist Listing… > Relist with selected changes, this time selecting only eBay Images.
I checked this new listing within eBay and find that all the images within the description area are now showing, but the image in the top left (Gallery Image?) is missing, as are the alternatives in the row beneath this. The only photo showing in this area is the one I changed at my first relisting attempt.
So, 2 attempts at relisting and 2 failures.
OS X 10.11.5 GS 7 b47 (767) eBay UK

Hi Brian,

You did everything exactly how it is supposed to be done. Can you please give us some more information, so we can try to replicate the issue:

  • Do you know when the original listing ended?
  • What kind of listing did you relist, BIN or auction ?
  • What server have you selected for image hosting in the GarageSale preferences (iwascoding’s server, or your own?
  • Do you post a link to original and the re-listing listing on eBay?


Hi Brian,

I always use relist or sell a similar item on ebay directly. I don’t keep my auction templates so I can’t relist through GarageSale. I found it was too cumbersome to keep everything I ever had listed archived. The program is not organized enough to do it in an orderly way.

As for the image under the main photo, if you use self hosting you cannot use that area at the moment. I called eBay twice and there is a programming issue, they know there is a problem. I have tried deleting the one photo I had then reuploading the image to eBay. That didn’t work. Then I tried putting in the url for each self hosted image and that did not work. The only way to have images at the top right now is to use eBay picture hosting. I won’t do that because I think down the line they might start charging for it.

One of the customer service people at eBay was able to recreate the error and took a screen shot to pass along to the tech department.

What I have done now us list the item with GarageSale. Go immediately to edit item on eBay and where is says condition I paste the words “Mobile users, please see the body of the page to see more photos.”

Hope this helps!


You can set the ‘condition description’ field from GarageSale, too. There’s no need to go to eBay for changing it.

You could even set up a master template with these words in the ‘condition description’, so that every new listing created in GarageSale would automatically have it.

Okay thanks I found that area, other than the pull down menu. That will be helpful. Thank you.