How to remove embedded photos in description field


I’m using GarageSale Version 6.9.8 (632) and have over 15,000 templates.

I’m trying to make my listings more Mobile friendly…
So, I just want the “description” field to only contain the description text, nothing else. So, I should be able to simply uncheck the “Design” checkbox.

I really do not want to use the “No Design” as it includes too much unwanted HTML code.

I have created a test item listing:
xxx999xxx - GS Test Item, No Design, No Design, No Images (eBay Item Number: 352064618123)

So… I turn OFF the “Design” checkbox. (see “GS Editor Mode Screen Shot”) This should remove everything from the “description” field, EXCEPT my “description text”.

But… The description field still contains embedded photos. (see “GS Preview Mode Screen Shot” and “eBay Listing Screen Shot”)

And additional description field HTML code. (see “eBay Revise Screen Shot”)

Why do I still get embedded photos showing up in the “description” field?

When I uncheck the “Design” checkbox, NO additional text should be added to the description field.


Not using images or not using HTML code does not make a mobile optimized listing automatically.
GarageSale 6 can’t create mobile optimized listings. You should consider to switch to GarageSale 7. The listing designs in GarageSale 7 are optimized for smartphones.

Again, as long as the listing design is optimised there’s no need not to use a design or images.

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, but… I am VERY hesitant and VERY reluctant to upgrade this MISSION CRITICAL application to GarageSale 7 given all the discussion on this board…

Along with the new/different user interface layout and lack of “visual color” since it will change my work flow and make it much less efficient…

Version 6.9.8 (632) is working very well for me, except for a few annoyances…


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