How to remove pictures from automatically being added to description

I’m new to the software and as I was importing my listings, I noticed that the software kept adding pictured in my description. I went into options and unchecked “include gallery image in description” and “include first imagine…” … then I chose NO DESIGN… but the images still appear.

I saw a previous solution: "The easiest way to accomplish this is to select the “No Design” design template and the “No Images” layout. "

Where do I find the “No Images” layout?

I want a simple text only, no formatting, listing, nothing fancy.

There are several ways to remove the images from the item description.
The easiest way is to select the “No Design” listing design and the “No Images” layout option. Please see this screenshots of the design browser:

design browser

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This worked to remove the pictures but it still add some kind of formatting.

“Don’t use a design” option at the bottom does just basic text + pictures…

“No design” Layout + “No image” add a centered formatting and some padding left and right and no pictures.

I want “no formatting” + “no image”.

I can’t choose both “don’t use a design” + “No images”, it seems to be an “either or”

Can I create my own design and just leave everything blank?

There are two more options:

1. You use this “Empty” listing design: (2.2 KB)

You need to save it in the GarageSale database in your User Library. To access the database simply select “Open Library Folder” from GarageSale’s Help menu. There create a folder called “DesignTemplates” and insert the Empty design. Restart GarageSale afterwards. Select the “Empty” design in GarageSale’s design browser.

2. Or you just insert the following code somewhere in Editor Mode in your listing OR in a custom footer field in the GarageSale preferences > General > Footer.

#gsDefaultBtmImgArea {display: none}

If you do so make sure that “Don’t use a design” is selected in GarageSale’s design browser.

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Perfect, that was excellent! Thank you very much!

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