How to sort unsold ended listings on end date?

I’m looking for a way to see which items didn’t sell in the last week i.e. items that ended and were unsold in the last week.
With smart groups it is possible to filter out the unsold items, but the results can only be sorted on start date. Ideally, they should be sortable on end date. Is this possible or is there another way to see the items which ended in the last week and were unsold?

Thanks in advance for any solutions,
PS Sorting by start date doesn’t work because a) start dates vary depending on listing duration and b) listings are duplicated when re-listing and the start dates are the start dates of the original listings and not the start dates of the re-listed listings (perhaps a bug?)

Im following this as well.

I think I might have found a way. Make a new Smart Smart Group / Status / is / Ended Unsuccessfully.
Now im trying to figure out how to sort this folder. Like newest at top or something like that.

Simply click once on your smart folder, and in the center panel, select line view (upper right, 4 horizontal lines) and click on the top of a column to sort by that column. Click same column again to reverse the sort order.

Thanks for the info!

That would work for sorting on start date, but are you sure it would work for end date? There is no column for end date. There is a column “Time remaining” and something sorts in that column even if the contents always is the same ( “Finished”). You might have discovered a hidden feature :slight_smile:

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