How to update photos from eBay listing?

Trying to update a listing in GS to match photos in eBay listing. I’ve imported it first with original photos, then I’ve updated photos on eBay, now when I try to use “Apply current changes from eBay…” there are no photos to apply. Deleting and importing seems like the only option. Or is there a better way? Thanks! PS: Yes I know I should have edited photo in GS and them push to eBay :).

I am afraid, deleting and then re-importing is the only option here, sorry.
The only other thing you could do is to add the missing photos to the GarageSale listing manually.

When I delete that listing, then importing thinks that it was already imported. If I import it again that it’s imported as a new listing that’s not linked to eBay ID (i.e. not started). Do I need to delete and then erase listing to re-import it? BTW, I ended up re-importing as not running new listing and then copy-pasting all photos to the original one. Not the prettiest solution. Thanks!

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