How to use hyperlinks and Emoji in listings

Im trying to add hyperlinks and emoji’s to my listings. Everything looks fine in GS but on ebay looks weird.
The hyperlinks just look like hyperlinks but are not clickable, I have a link to my instagram and it just looks like a larger font and all emoji’s are just a double question mark.
How can I make this look normal?

You may want to search eBay rules on these items. They may be disabling them for rules violation.

I just figured it out i think. I had to actually type in the HTML code for the links to work. Its like a 90’s flashback to college. I tested one auction out on ebay and it had no problem listing.

rlmartin is right. I understand it is against ebay policy to have live links in your listing. You may still hear from ebay once you “fix” your listing to be like you would like it to be. I’ve “gottin” around this rule by giving the link and telling people to copy and paste it into their browser URL box.

So this is interesting. Ebay uses VIPR to block urls from working. When you hover over them you can still see the url. However a link to a youtube channel works just fine.

When they discover the links they will notify you to remove them.

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