How to use v.6.6.6 and HTTPS without buying new computer and OS

I need to find out help how to either remove HTTP content or Convert it to HTTPS
without having to update to the newest version which I would have to go out and buy a $2000 computer
and operating system which is NOT an option for me.

All I see here is suggestions to upgrade, but that’s not gonna happen unless GS corp is going to donate
a new computer to me.

And since this version I’m using works great for every other task, there is no reason. I don’t subscribe to planned obsolecense… I will drop Garage sale if you can’t offer a solution. Bloat vs functionality… that is the question.

I do know how to make scripts for 6.x so anyone that might have fundamentals of what to do to start I can do the rest.
I see most of the HTTP are little border images for the design . I can do without all that easily.

I added HTTPS to all the integrated links in the Ebay warning editor…and it looks like it resolves the problem.
So that means all that is needed is a find / replace script run. I already have those scripts made, and offer them here from a past post … for those with older computers v 6.6.6 - I will test and give the results this week.

Ebay is currently letting the listings be viewed with HTTP with option to be edited so it’s a grace period I gather?
The HTTP resources it was targeting were all on iwascoding side. I didn’t have any fancy html or links embedded as I saw the warning months ago by ebay.

I think you can get a used computer that runs the latest version of macOS for much less than that. For instance, an iMac 2009 with 24" starts at around $300 on eBay.

:joy: I think you have a slightly wrong impression of the size of our operation. We are just 3 and a half guys trying to somehow make ends meet at the end of the month.

C´mon, do you really think when we initially released GarageSale 6 in 2010, we conspired with eBay to break it 7 years down the road by requiring HTTPs image links?

You are laughing at my statements? Saying you are a corp is not a slight… you are business that I ‘bought’ into and have my entire critical database under the helm of your program. I don’t find that funny, it’s rather a major hassel and I’m aware Ebay changes things all the time, but that’s not my problem, I’m not the one developing software solutions. The problem I have would seem very basic, yet you keep just saying buy a new computer. Will I have to pay for an upgrade to 7x as well ? You seem to be making light of a frustrating situation for a business owner. What’s the point of having a forum if you are just being ‘smart’? Planned Obsolecense is very real and obviously you guys are not the source of the problem …but are following the trend.

The script runs but the HTTP code only shows up after you list the template… so I can’t EDIT it natively on GS… I have to edit it in Ebay?? How do I access the underlay code with the Image links on GS?? Then I will have the solution.

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