How will GS handle change from 30-Day to GTC listings?

When eBay automatically changes all our listings from 30-Day Buy it Nows to Good-Til-Cancelled listings, how will our GarageSale app handle the change and remain in sync?
Will the app take care of this during the normal startup syncing process with eBay?
Will we manually need to change all our listings and revise them to resync them?
Will the GS app freak out and loose connection with all these listings?


eBay will not change the duration of your listings. You just won’t be able to list Fixed Price listings with another duration then GTC. As GarageSale supports GTC listings for a long time, I don’t think that there will be any issues with that.

Yes, GS will download the states as it already do for GTC listings.

You do not have to revise anything. When you have non-GTC listings, they will just end at some point and then you have to decide whether you want to relist them. If so, you have to list them with GTC…

As GS already supports GTC listings, I do not think so. It just will update those listings.

A quick scan through some of the Ebay user chats shows that some sites have already ditched “day period” listings for BIN. GTC is the only option. Not sure which sites though.

I have my fixed price listings set to renew automatically. Do I have to manually change that so that I do not wind up with duplicate listings?

As far as I can tell this shouldn’t cause duplicate listings. However, disabling the auto restart option makes sense if you don’t wish to restart (ended, sold out) GTC listings automatically.

Regards, Kristian

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