Hi there !

I upgraded to GS 7x to deal with the active content situation.

I have hundreds of auction templates, which get an error even after I cleaned them up with the
basic ‘http’ removal tool, yet GS says there IS NOTHING TO REMOVE.

But as I can demonstrate with the pics… there are rogue links HTTP that once were part of each template design
that had links from Photobucket, in GS6x I had to bulk remove part of the link when Photobucket went to a paid service.

Now these http partial links are being ignored by your tool and I can’t upload !!! HELP !!
I don’t see a way to upload photos - how do I send you pics of what I’m talking about…

I will describe - for instance in every template in the HTML viewer,

this line : table width=“680” height=“637” border=“0” align=“left” cellpadding=“0” cellspacing=“0” background="http://i231.*****/albums/ee91/freqazoidiac/GEMMgrooveyard/GYyogiLOGO-900x1200BG_zps52603ad7.jpg

will not remove by the tool

And an icon image I had in the pictures , had my logo for my business but had to remove the link in GS6x because of photobucket, same reason above… and I get a greyed out pic , and can’t bulk remove it… same issue as above. HOW TO BULK REMOVE IMAGES

I’m also getting this message : A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed.

This is a real mess I never had to deal with in GS 6x which I last used in July. I was told GS 7 would be the upgrade to make. HELP



Hi Scott,

I am afraid there’s no easy solution :frowning:

GarageSale only replaces “http” URLs with “https” URLs if there’s a working https URL available. If not, GarageSale won’t change the URL.
I fear you need to remove the URLs in each listing individually.

Are you using the very same URL in all your listing?

Are you maybe using variations in your listings? Images that you use in your variations can only be hosted by eBay (EPS). Your aditional images (the ones in the image field in Editor mode) seem to be hosted by GarageSale’s free image service. eBay does not allow this mixture and that’s probably why you get that eBay error.

It might help to switch to EPS in the GarageSale preferences > ebay > eBay Images

Hope this helps,

Hi Thanks for reply -

To be clear those images were hosted by Photobucket… but I could never remove the whole
link from my templates … so I just find - replaced the photobucket address with ******
It was a design I had made with custom HTML and a back ground image that scrolled with the page, but
when photobucket locked it’s users out it made a problem for me.

Now those are being flagged due to being embedded. My new templates of course don’t have this problem,
these are older templates -

I did find a solution for removing the rest of the http link that is in the description code - by signing back into my old mac account and GS 6.6.6 , and using the find / replace script and doing a clean up of the templates, exporting them, and now re-import into the newest Garage sale.

I’ll try to do the EPS trick for the gallery pic I had included in each template that had my icon for my business on it, hosted again by Photobucket… otherwise I’ll have to remove each one by hand . I don’t see a script for removing photos in GS 6.6.6

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