Https and active content follow up

Please look at item #332300072607 and tell me how is this guy doing this?
I have tried to embed an https player, but eBay won’t accept it.
I have tried to include an https link to an mp3 file on Soundcloud, but eBay won’t accept it.
Currently, the only thing I have gotten to work is to create a video file and upload to youtube, which is way too time consuming.
I see other sellers with links to sound clips. How are they doing this? Maybe are they unconcerned with the rules, because it is only a week-long auction and before eBay gets around to taking their listing down, it’s over already?

Please, has anyone figured out how to put either:

  1. a link to a soundfile, or
  2. an embedded player
    in a listing?

I asked eBay about that item number and here’s what they said:

This listing is using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding to have the audio file play, and stay within our requirements for active content. The actual file is coming from this line: [I had to put an extra space after the bracket to get it to show up] < source src=“” type=“audio/mpeg”> (The original members audio file reference was removed and I have replaced the actual website with the word. It looks like this member has hosted the music on their own personal built website).

It also appears as if they are using CSS to style the audio player itself. The code they are using is below. You will most likely need to customize/edit it for your own usage.

audio::-internal-media-controls-download-button {display:none;}audio::-webkit-media-controls-enclosure {overflow:hidden;}audio::-webkit-media-controls-panel {background-color:#63C26D;width: calc(100% + 30px); /* Adjust as needed */}#player

OK so does anyone understand how to use this info in order to put an mp3 embedded into a GS listing?

Can you post a link to a listing that’s using that technique to embed sound?

Hi fonky1,

it might already work for you to insert this code in your item description in Editor mode:

<audio controls>
  <source src="" type="audio/mpeg">

In the “source” element you need to insert your URL to the mp3 file. This should display a basic audio player. (Without image)

More info about the audio element:

Regards, Kristian

I will try this later today. However, I tried with the player from Soundcloud, which is also https, but eBay would not accept it. Also, I have tried to just put an https link to the file, and also eBay does not like it. So, it’s not just https vs http. I don’t know what it is, which is the basis for my question…

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