Huge problems with ver 8!

I’m trying my best to hold my temper. I had no problems with Version 7 whatsoever, but 8 has immediately become a nightmare. Where should I start?

  1. The 7 to 8 upgrade prompt did not say that this was a paid upgrade and I unintentionally upgraded to 8 prematurely as a result.

  2. Immediately upon launching 8 I started getting a prompt that said “Garagesale wants to use your confidential information stored in 'GarageSale eBay Account” in your keychain."

  3. My administrator/login account password does NOT unlock it.

  4. All of my hundreds of listing templates seem to have DISAPPEARED!!! I don’t know how to where to find them or whether they just vanished during the upgrade process.

  5. I upgraded to 8.01 to see if these issues were solved. They weren’t!

  6. Now GarageSale crashes within about 5-10 seconds of launching so I can’t do anything at all now.

  7. I emailed technical support a few days ago and they have been TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE to my issues!!!

  8. I have not been able to do anything in eBay since I am waiting for help!!!

  9. What do I have to do to get help so that my eBay business can run again with the hundreds of templates that I have created and been using? Is there a phone number for technical support so that I can get back to business?

Hi Ron,

sorry to hear that GarageSale 8 gives you trouble. But to get you up and running as fast as possible the fastest way is to just download and start GarageSale 7. The data from GarageSale 7 are not changed in any way when imported into GarageSale 8.

Just tried the built-in updater and it it gives me this warning:


Both of these are issues with your keychain and/or your system. You get this warning because GarageSale tries to access the (secure) data from your Keychain to connect to eBay. You need to enter your password which we do not know and we can not help with. As said above, try to install GarageSale 7 will get you up and running and then you can repair your keychain and permissions (to get GarageSale 8 up and running).

I saw your emails and you got your first response just 3 hours afterwards. Currently there are many support requests regarding GarageSale 8 so there is a delay from the second level support.

First, get GaraegSale 7 running again. Then try to do a new import of the GS7 data into GS8. This can be triggered by deleting the data from GS8 (please note that you will lost all data in GS8if you do no backup the data).

All data of GarageSale 8 is kept in a folder called com.iwascoding.garagesale8 in your User Library under Macintosh HD/Users/ yourUserName /Library/Containers

Backup and delete the whole folder “com.iwascoding.garagesale8”.

Please note: The User Library is hidden by default. To access it, click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option (alt) and shift key to make the User Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.


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