Hyperlink glitch still exists - GS 7

I commented about this months ago. When u create a hyperlink it changes font size of the text, makes it unbold (if it was bold) and changes the color of the font. You can go back and change original font size and make it bold again but you can’t change back to the original color you had the font.

Can you guys PLEASE fix this??? It’s very simple to recreate on your end just create a hyperlink from text that is bold and has color… You will see that it changes it to no bold, changes the font size and turns the font black. Please don’t ask me to show you an example as I’ve just explained myself (again).

Please note if I run an auction of 300 items i have to go back and correct each one and make each item bold and change back to the original font size. IT’S VERY TIME CONSUMING. As stated I CAN’T change back to the original color (I chose blue) which is annoying because of course your would like for your hyperlink not to be black and stand out.

Again PLEASE FIX THIS. Totally simple and it’s probaly just some bad code.

Sorry, the fix is very complicated, as we can only manipulate the HTML indirectly through Apple’s HTML WebKit library, which prevents us from dealing with certain styling properties directly.

We tried to come up with a better implementation, it’s still not entirely perfect, but better than what we had before. Please give it a try and let us know how it works for you:


Sorry but this does not work

Can you be more specific what does not work? It works pretty well here. See attached animation. Are you sure you are using the version from the link I posted?

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