I cannot list an item thru GS, direct ebay listing works

I cannot list an item thru GS, direct ebay listing works
It keeps giving me the error notice that other shave mentioned see attached.
If I post it directly thru eBay it works with no issues.
I tried another item with the same error notice

What are my options to resolve this issue

I tried the reset thru the Preps and then the resetting of the categories and that did not work either.
The first 2 items did go away, not sure if that is from the reset or that I double clicked (Mac) right clicked to hide the notices.

Hi Greg,

“The item cannot be listed or modified” is eBay’s infamous error #240.
Error #240 is returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).

Often this error is returned by eBay when you’re using any word or code that eBay does not allow.
We created a special help page that list all facts we know about this error:

Hope this helps,

First of all, I listed the item directly thru eBay and it is currently running.
So none of your reasons apply.
I used the same title.
I also removed each word in the title for the GS posting.
This issue is on GS end.
Please come up with a solution.

From the “error 240” help page:
“Please note: If you use a third party listing tool like GarageSale, eBay makes use of content filters to make sure you don’t use prohibited terms or code. eBay doesn’t seem to use such restrictive filters if you list through their website. That’s why you sometimes don’t get this error there.”

So, it’s really worth a try to check all points listed on that help page if you run into this error.

Regards, Kristian

Here is my response to your standard reply:
I have had the eBay a/c for 20 years
(a) I have a few positives, no negatives, if that is the case then your software is a catch 22, how do I use it if I cannot list items to get more positive feedbacks.
(b) I listed the direct for 7 days, so they allow 5+ days
I am not at my selling limit, this is the first one in a while and I have 99 more to go
My PayPal account is fine, the direct listing accepted it, there are no missing settings.
As I stated in a prior reply, I did remove each of the Title words one at a time and then removed half of the listing and then the other half.
I did not use any videos
I have Java, I am unaware of this being used, if eBay accepted the direct listed then it should not be an issue.
If you believe that Java is an issue you need to explain how I determine that and how it can be removed. I am unaware of it being used.
I only listen the item as “1”
(a) I cannot remove my PayPal e-mail address, it is grayed out in your software.
Please explain how to remove it.
(b) I rebooted my computer twice
© The item is listed as used
(d) I have no links in my listing
(e) The listing is a one of a kind Piece of Art work, no product description is available from eBay
(f) I have a reimbursement payment method with PayPal
(g) I had no issue when I listed it thru eBay, it took it the first time with no rejections

Please STOP sending computer generated responses and answer the problem.
Your software has issues.
Either fix it or reimburse me the purchase price and close my account.

You cannot take a hands off approach to a problem that is on your end, I have tried and tried everything you have asked of me, I am tired of being dismissed and wasting my time.

I am sorry if this offends you, just put yourself in my shoes.
We have major foundation problems and need to sell some items.

Do you not have any answers or suggestions other then the boiler plate posting that you have.
What do you suggest I do to use your product or should I just throw it away ?

I just downloaded the new update and it still does not work.

Am I the only one with this issue ?
Is it a MAC Issue ?

I listed 4 items directly thru eBay as I listed them here but was rejected and sold 3 of them.
One was for $70.00 and another for $2,250.00, therefore the issue is not with eBay, it is with Garage sale.
I am willing to try other suggestions then the boiler plate ones posted that I have tried several times.
However, no one has given any other suggestions or bothered to respond.

This is obviously one of the pitfalls of doing business over the internet, caring about customers gets lost in the auto reply.

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One more thing to further rub salt into the wound:
The 3 items I sold are showing up in Garage Sale as sold and waiting to be shipped.
They were shipped last week.

How stupid is that !!!

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