I don't understand eBay's invoices at all


I don’t know if I’m alone in this situation, but I don’t understand eBay invoices at all.

Ebay simply tell: you must pay this amount at this date. And you don’t even know for which time range those fees are.

The details show a long detailed list of fees that were generously offered, but it appears impossible to see where do the fees that you still have to pay come from.

When selecting the last month, the fees don’t match those that you must pay.

It is so confusing that I find it truly unacceptable.

Does someone have a trick to to get the detail of due costs?


You can download a CSV version of each invoice. This sets out all the payment and promotional data in a format that can be loaded in to a spreadsheet.
It is under the account tab and then in seller account/invoices


This is much more than unacceptable, it’s specifically made confusing in order to confuse us and bring us to accept and pay fees. Any time I have several doubts about the correct fees charging and any time I want to spare some time checking it, I finish to give up because it’s extremely difficult to do. I cannot open the CSV file with numbers (don’t have excel), so just print the computer version. eBay is undoubtedly the worst selling site (technically and practically) I have never used and known. I hope that imminent (?) new payment policy (eBay processes payment instead of PayPal) might bring us a decent and customizable fee page…

For now, we have to pay fees and say nothing, that’s it.

I usually have to unzip my file first.

It downloads directly a .csv files, but it cannot be opened in numbers. It does not need any unzip, it’s just a broken or unknown format…

Thank you David. :slight_smile:
You’re right, the best thing is to download the CSV.

Instead of Excel, you can use the free LibreOffice Suite, in which you have Calc (the equivalent of Excel).
At import, use tabs as delimitors.
Then, right-click the tile of the column “B” that contains the titles and --in the contextual menu-- select the option to set the column width. Set it to around 12 cm, so that you can see columns E and F that contain the amounts. Then, select “Edit > Seach and Replace”. Replace the currency by nothing, e.g. replace "EUR " by nothing, so that columns E and F only contain number without the leading currency abbreviation.
Also possibly replace all “,” by “.”, for the amounts to become numbers.
Lastly, sum the amounts in column E, respectively in column F.
e.g. if the last amount is at line 220, “=SUM(E1:E220)” and “=SUM(F1:F220)”
The formula can be written in your own language.
In Italian, the formula is probably “=SOMMA(E1:E220)”


Thanks @leon , I will give it a try. Anyway a more intelligent customizable filter within eBay would be the very least they could do considering all the money we send them monthly…