I have multiple versions downloaded including 7.0.17. None will open

I have multiple versions downloaded including .0.17. None will open. 7.0.16 worked yesterday.


Hi Linda,

I am sorry to hear. Could it be that the newly downloaded version is incomplete? You can easily check this by inspecting the GarageSale icon in the Finder. If it looks broken you should remove it and re-download a fresh copy from the GarageSale website:

Please also make sure that you actually trying to open the newly downloaded version located in the Finder. You’re maybe trying to open an older (or no longer existent) copy that is still shown in the Dock at the bottom?

Regards, Kristian

also check you Security control pansl allows you to open downloaded apps… that pref may have been reset. pays to check…
just a though. Sandy

Thank you, that’s a good point!
@Linda: You find these settings in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.
Make sure that “Allow apps downloaded from” is set to “Mac App Store and identified developers”.

Regards, Kristian

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