I made edits directly on ebay, can I upload just those changes to GS

I changed some listings directly on ebay (wasn’t near laptop). I thought I could upload those changes to GS via ‘Import from MyEbay’, but the listings downloaded as ‘not live’ listings instead of simply making the changes on the original live listings. I need to be able to make changes directly on ebay and upload those changes to the live listings on GS. What am I doing wrong? TiA!

Instead of importing the whole listing you might want to give the “Apply Current Changes from eBay” a try:

Regards, Kristian


Great tip! Thats why I read every post that is put on here. I avoided making changes on ebay because GS would be out of sync. Works great.

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I mainly wanted to copy the ‘occasion’ additions I made via my cell to the orig GS listing. It didn’t copy the occasions, but did make other changes to specifics. Thanks for your help btw! Best, Claire

I ‘import from myEbay’ all my listings (Apx 155). Because I’d made changes via my cell, those listings are now the accurate ones. But the actual/original live listing still shows as active. Is there a way to make that downloaded listing ‘live’ - as opposed to the unchanged live listing on GS?

There might be ways to do this but first let me ask: Do you use a GarageSale listing design in your listing?

Regards, Kristian

When doing this, is it possible to check and update the Status as well?

Yes I do. It would be great if there’s a way to override the status

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