I need to set custom design properties through Applescript

I don’t know how to set User-defined Template Properties through Applescript

I usually use :

set title to “MyTitle”

but this cannot work with my User-Defined properties

Please help me.


Sorry, setting user-defined listing properties through AppleScript is not supported right now.

I am wrestling with this problem again this morning, as I prepare to revise several thousand listings.

Is there support in the AppleScript dictionary yet?

Alternately, is there a different mechanism (besides storing a weird string in the SKU) for adding important data columns to GarageSale listing items, like “age” and “weight”?

I would rather work by editing columns on my GS server, rather than writing separate scripts to update the “weight” in Shipping Options objects (which are difficult to access).

To clarify, I want to add at least the following fields, gradually, to all my listings, so I can streamline inventory control in the future:

  • weight
  • handling type (books and “media” vs fragile vs bulky)
  • origin date
  • listing count
  • price trace
  • storage location