I recently migrated all photos from iPhoto to Photo but cannot import images to GS7 preflight

Using latest version GS7 , I used to use iPhoto to drop images to the edited listing before live loading on ebay.
I recently migrated all images to Photo however, GS7 does not allow Photo to drop and drag to the preflight listing. They don’t communicate. Any clues?

Who doesn’t communicate? It is Easter.


This question was posted to GarageSale over 3 months ago. So they seem very busy . Happy Easter

Yes, I understand that GS Help problem. Happens to me sometimes. Sometimes I try to keep the feed alive by replying to my feed.
Two things spring to mind to improve the experience:

  1. Extend the 10 day limitation on a feed.
  2. Keep an online list of those items being worked after having been suggested on this forum.

I don’t think GS Help are keen on either. Both have been mentioned recently without response.

I do understand how busy they are but many of the improvements to GS are from this forum.

When Apple did the update to version 10.13 I believe it was, it was Apple that no longer allowed drag and drop from Photos. iPhoto still works great and I use an old copy of iPhoto to directly drop into GS. It isn’t GS with the problem it is the Apple system 10.14.4 that won’t allow drag and drop from Photos to GS. You can also create a folder and drag from photos into that folder and then to garage sale. It is an extra step but it works.

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