I want to create a template.....where to start?

Hi Guys…the templates on here are great but I would like to design my own…I have knowledge of photoshop and html and want to create a set of 5 different templates…anyone have a walkthrough guide to hand or could put me on the correct path?

Many Thanks.


I Would love to have you guys give a detailed tutorial on how to make your own templates. I have tried and not been very successful, it never works. Please do this, I am sure many people would benefit !

Hi Eggy,

first step to create your own basic design template:

  1. Open the DesignTemplateUtility and create a new template.

  2. Enter a unique name and identifier in the “General” setting.

  3. In the “Code” section enter your HTML/CSS code and use the following placeholders for title, description and your images:
    [[foreach image item.auctionImages imagesMainLoop]][[endforeach imagesMainLoop]]

  4. Save it. Start GarageSale and you should find your design in the Design menu.

Regards, Kristian