IAF Token supplied is invalid

Hi Guys

Am running GS 9.1 and Ventura 13 and all was doing well; however I am now getting the ‘IAF Token is invalid error’ again on a number of scheduled listings. I was getting one or two a day which was fine but today and yesterday i have had a number of failures - 10 today so far.

They list fine if I then change the time and list them whilst working on the laptop.

Any ideas?



I’ve had the same problem on and off for the past 6-8 weeks. A solution was offered by GS, I downloaded a Beta version that allowed listings to go live when the screen was asleep but since upgrading to OS13 and GS 9.1 the problem has returned.

Sometimes if I manually upload a listing the same day, my scheduled batch will go on but even this isn’t consistently reliable.

In the System Preferences > “Security & Privacy” > General is “Require Password” enabled or disabled?

Hi Kristian - require password is disabled and have also tried refreshing the token

Same here. I’ve had this problem on and off for quite a while but it’s been inconsistent

Nothing? I had the same problem on Sunday but fortunately I was around to manually list one item which meant the rest of my schedules auctions started - once I’d changed the time of them.

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