Icon does not change to blue when item is listed

I think I read about how to fix this once before, but I can’t remember. I can’t find it because I’m probably using “icon” when it is called something else.

But the little rectangle to the left of the title of the item is staying uncolored after I upload the item.

This happens once or twice a month, and what usually ends up happening is that I end up re-uploading it believing it’s not been put on eBay.

I rebooted GS. I refreshed my token. I rebooted my computer.

I clicked on Listing -> Update All Listings (and I’m quite worried about what THAT did!.)

I tried exporting it (because that worked with that other huge problem I had for more than a year).

But I an’t fix it. What do I need to do?

If any of your items had an errors when listing (assuming you are listing more than one item at a time) then GS seems to have a problem and items listed after the error are not always marked correctly.

Here is a fix release, that lets you associated a non-runing listing in GarageSale with a running or ended listing on eBay. This works by dragging a listing from the “Import from my eBay” panel to the “Live” inspector’s itemID label. Check the attached animation for clues. :wink:



Thank you.

(Sorry I thought I had responded already.)

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